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About US

Alfie Holmes is a second-generation painter whose experience spans the globe. Originally from Ireland, Alfie learned the business first-hand from his father, who always told him, “prepping is 85 percent of the job.” He further honed his skills in England and Australia, before finally moving to the United States in 1997. The combination of traditional European training, a perfectionist’s eye for detail, and dedication to quality is the foundation upon which our business is built.


We’ve worked with homeowners, general contractors, realtors, property managers, and designers, on a variety of projects ranging from single-family residences to retail and commercial establishments.

What They're Saying About Us

Alfie is our go-to painter. Always on time, always does great work, and goes the extra mile.

Top Qualities

Great Results, Personable, High Integrity


Mark Skorlich

Client since 2005


Alfie took the color consultant's instructions and did a fantastic job both on the detail and execution of the entire job. They were very respectful of our other coworkers and did a meticulous job keeping the office clean during the process. I’d highly recommend Alfie to anyone!

Top Qualities

Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity


J.W. Ferneborg

Client since 2008

Alfie Holmes is the ONLY person I will ever hire to do any painting for my home. His work is incredible. He is completely reliable and easy to deal with. In hiring a contractor, I wish everyone was like Alfie Holmes. The construction business would be better off if they met his level of quality.

Top Qualities

Great Results, Expert, High Integrity


Bob Fitzgerald

Client since 2000

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing (and repeatedly hiring) Alfie Holmes for more than 10 years. I can say without reservation that he is the best subcontractor that I’ve yet hired to work on my house. Over the years I’ve tackled three remodels and, in doing so, worked with dozens of plumbers, painters, landscapers, builders and electricians. Throughout each of those experiences, I’ve learned that superior craftsmanship and honest work are a rare combination. Alfie and his team not only over-delivered, but were on-time and on-budget. Having had to live in my house during each construction phase, I can also say how much I appreciated their efforts to ensure that the interior of my home was completely cleaned of equipment at the end of each day. I couldn’t recommend Alfie Holmes more strongly and have done so many times.

Top Qualities

Great Results, On Time, High Integrity


Lisa Bertelsen

Client since 1998

Alfie is a consummate professional. He really listens to what you want and then works diligently, and creatively, to achieve it. When working with Alfie, it doesn’t feel like he is a vendor, but instead you feel like you are partnering with him to achieve the results you want. Painting a home (inside or out) can be an emotional issue. You have to live with your decisions day in, day out. Alfie provides expert advice in helping you make that decision and then lots of patience as you work it through testing sample patches and different colors. Alfie’s team are incredibly professional. They have all been together for a long time and it shows. They are timely but also very detail oriented. I used them to do different textures and effects (which Alfie himself works on directly) and the result was excellent. I would definitely hire Alfie again.

Top Qualities

Great Results, Good Value, High Quality


Aisling MacRunnels

Client since 2008


I hired Alfie based on a friend's recommendation and I was not disappointed. From our first chat on the phone all the way to the end of the project Alfie and his crew were a pleasure to work with. He and his team even helped me clean up some of the drywall and molding that needed repair without even a delay or a renegotiation of contract. They were on time and flexible to the needs of my changing schedule and requirements. He always answered the phone when I called and did a great job of explaining things to me so I could make informed decisions. I highly recommend him for any painting projects you have.


Joel Aves

Client since 2011

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